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What Material Is Best For Your Backyard Fence

Updated: Feb 13

The choice of fencing material is an important one, and it is easy to make mistakes when rushing through it due to the variety of fencing materials available. The first step in this home improvement project should be choosing suitable fence materials so that the result is as good as possible.

Here is some information about the materials you can use for your backyard fence.


It would help if you viewed your backyard fence as an opportunity to make a statement. Consider how appealing each fencing material is as you examine the various options.

The use of cedarwood for fencing has been around for a long time. The popularity of this wood is attributed to its appealing hue and tight grain. There are no warping or shrinking issues with cedar.

It is essential to maintain cedar over the years, even though it is highly durable. To keep cedar fencing looking its best, it is sometimes necessary to replace a few planks and seal them routinely. You can save this cedar wood looking great by applying sealant soon after installation and annually.


Typically, homeowners want fencing materials that are low maintenance and will last for a long time. Vinyl fencing materials are an excellent choice for achieving this goal. Homeowners may only be familiar with the traditional vinyl fencing, which sagged and yellowed over time.

A few years ago, vinyl fencing was thin and of poor quality. Today, it is thicker and at a higher rate. For this type of fencing to perform at its best, it must be installed perfectly. Consider hiring a professional if you need to gain the experience to handle this work yourself.


There are many horror stories about traditional wood fencing that homeowners have heard. Insects nest in this type of fence because it rots quickly. Investing in composite materials can achieve the traditional wood fencing look without the previously mentioned headaches.

Combining wood fibres with plastic polymers results in composite wood. Despite being more expensive than vinyl or cedar fencing, this material lasts much longer. Before buying it, you must make sure you purchase the best composite wood for your fence.


Setting a budget is essential before seeking out the perfect backyard fence material. Planning is the best way to avoid overextending yourself financially. Metal fencing may be a good option if your fencing budget allows it.

Wrought iron provides a classic look that some homeowners prefer. The lifespan of these fences can be extended by properly installing and maintaining them. Fencing companies have also offered steel and cast iron fencing options recently. Metals like these are durable and stand up to Mother Nature's wrath. Spray rust-inhibiting paint on wrought iron fences every year if you choose them.

Final Words

Consult with Blackmon Fence Company's professionals if you need help deciding what fencing material to use. Before making recommendations, we will consider factors like your budget and your home's architectural features.

Blackmon Fence Company is the leading fence & gate contractor in Columbus, Georgia. Our fence installation and repair services meet the needs of our clients.


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