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Privacy Fencing: Wood vs. Chain-Link

Updated: Feb 13

When having your fence built, one of the key factors to mention would be privacy. A portion of available fences offer privacy to some extent. Out of the privacy-including options available, the two most-popular would be Wood Privacy Fencing or Chain-Link Fencing with privacy slats.

Cost-effectiveness is fairly similar between the two. With wood, you'll find slightly higher costs, due to the slight maintenance required to keep it up and in it's best shape. With chain-link, you'll find the installation will be slightly less as well. Aesthetics can play a huge role in your decision since they're so similar. We've found that residentially in Columbus, Georgia, the majority of people go with wood. Commercially, companies tend to go for chain-link due to the lack of maintenance required.

It's important to consider these options when deciding the style you'd like your fence to be. Longevity, Maintenance, Installation Costs, and Repair Costs are all important points to regard as well. No matter what kind of fence you get installed, if it's done properly, it will last you at least 10+ years.

Here at Blackmon Fence Company we strive to provide fences that display true professionalism and hold their weight in durability. We build fences that last - point, blank, period. Whether you're looking for a Chain-Link/Privacy Wood Fence, or even if you already have one of the two and need maintenance, feel free to give us a call at (404) 558-0565 .

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