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Privacy Fencing: All-in-One FAQ Guide

Privacy Fencing is one of the most popular styles of wood fencing styles available, especially near Columbus, Georgia. This is due to the constant demand for value-solidifying upgrades to homes in the area. Privacy Fences have proven time and time again that for a low cost, you can provide a long-term solution to granting your yard the privacy it's always needed. With Privacy Fence, costs can vary greatly. However, going with a Local Fence Company like Blackmon Fence Company can certainly help keep costs low. Here at Blackmon Fence Company, that's one of our main drivers -- saving the customer as much as possible while consistently providing quality work!

With the vast majority of wood fences being pine, cedar is another great lumber option. They both are great options, and both have their own benefits. For example, pine is a pressure-treated wood that is less costly, while cedar costs a little more, but is known to expel bugs & last the test of time when it comes to rotting.

What's better -- Nails or Screws? This has been one of the biggest debates in the fencing world, and here at Blackmon Fence Company, we KNOW there's only one true answer. Screws hold for longer. Point, blank, period. In ALMOST any setting, nails will begin to release as time goes on, and will eventually give way before the screws. However, it's important to note that fences do not NEED screws. A properly installed fence with nails OR screws should last at least 15 years, so either way we've found you get bang for your buck!

Is Dry-Packing concrete viable?1 It most certainly is - depending on where you live. One of the biggest questions Local Fence Companies get asked, especially ones in Columbus, Ga, is whether or not concrete needs to be mixed before it's put in the hole. Here in Georgia, the ground moisture content is wet enough to simply use 50lb Bags of Quik-Set Post concrete, and dry-pack fence posts into the ground. After 24-48 hours, the concrete will have the same strength as pre-mixed concrete and will last just as long!

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