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Pool Security: Fencing in your pool

All pools need security, and in doing so, there are many things to consider. No matter where you live in the state of Georgia, you will be required to have a fence around your pool. This is almost always required to prevent local children and wild animals from drowning. Many fence styles can meet the code to protect you and your pool. Those styles are aluminum fence, vinyl fence, wood privacy fence, ornamental fence, and chain link fence.

The most common fence style used for pools on both commercial and residential projects is aluminum fence. Aluminum fence is used because it lasts longer than wood and can be customized for a more stylish appeal. Standard heights for aluminum pool fences are 4ft-5ft providing enough privacy and security from unwanted guests and the aluminum fence is powder coated to last longer and resist rust. Being that the fence is going to be near water, it is ideal that you consider the long-term maintenance and life of your fence.

The ultimate goal is to limit unauthorized access to your pool. Without blocking access to your pool, you are putting yourself at risk for lawsuits and many more issues. Make pool security a priority when planning such a project.

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