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Ornamental Fencing: Options, Pros & Cons

Ornamental fencing is the most diverse style of fencing. Any styles can be configurated to certain specifications, however ornamental has so many different styles, options, material types, etc. which created an almost endless list of choices when considering what you'd like to put in your yard.

Costs can vary greatly depending the style of ornamental fence you're wanting to go with as well. With Aluminum fencing, you can expect costs to be higher than wood, for instance. Most styles of ornamental fence serve the purpose of being visually appealing while having minor to moderate structural strengths.

Columbus, Ga is known for the vast majority of metal ornamental fences being aluminum and wood being 4' picket-style. 4' Picket ornamental fences are a great, inexpensive option for increasing visual appearance without needing to fork out tens of thousands of dollars. Aluminum is more known for visually appealing minor blocks around pools. In Georgia, specifically Columbus, we have a state code which requires any pool to have a fence around it. Aluminum is the most prevalent pool fencing locally.

Whether you're looking for the most elegant fencing or simply something to go around your pool, ornamental can be a great option. They both serve the purpose of having a minor physical boundary but still providing the necessary visual appeal.

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