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How Commercial & Residential Fencing Differs

Updated: Feb 13

Fences provide privacy and security for your home or business. You won't find a better way to protect your property while adding value to it than with a fence. Budget, type of material, size and installation process are all factors to consider when selecting bars for your home or business.

Many people must be aware of metal fences' many different styles and grades. Fencing specifications vary according to the project's needs, whether for a private residence, public park, or guarded facility. Consider how commercial fencing differs from residential fencing to determine what type you need for your property.

  • Needs

There are many differences between a residential fence and a commercial fence in terms of their needs. The goal of most homeowners is to improve their home's aesthetics while enhancing their security. Clients who own commercial properties are often more concerned with the privacy of their property and keeping intruders out than the curb appeal of their properties.

  • Materials

The materials used in commercial fencing differ from those used in residential fencing in specific ways. Let's take vinyl as an example. Commercial-grade vinyl is thicker and includes spines and ribs that increase its strength. There is also a higher concentration of Titanium Oxide and more aluminum support and bracket systems to connect the rails. The commercial and industrial styles of chain link fencing have more prominent posts and heavier wall pipes, as well as barbwire, for enhanced security.

The most commonly used materials in commercial fence production are aluminum and wrought iron. Despite aluminum's cost advantage, wrought iron's resistance to trespassers is greater. Local contractors offer a wide range of fully customizable fence designs and colors.

  • Size

Rarely do you find a home with a fence higher than 6 feet? What is the reason for this? Keeping peeping eyes out, restricting access to pests and people, and separating their yard from their neighbor's would be the main goals of homeowners so a 10-foot fence would be excessive. However, a commercial property often has a high wall measuring 10 feet to offer maximum security and protection.

  • Installation Time

In addition to being tall and large, commercial fences are often made from various materials. Therefore, installing a commercial project will take longer than installing a residential one.

  • Price

The cost of commercial-grade fencing is usually higher than that of residential-grade fencing. It is often determined by the type of materials used, and the size of the project determines the price. Its longer lifespan makes it an excellent choice for residential homeowners needing more strength and stability.

Final Words

Whether you're looking for a residential fence for your home or a commercial fence for business, our team at Blackmon Fence Company can deliver. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance!

Blackmon Fence Company is a leading fence & gate contractor in Columbus, Georgia. Our fence installation and repair services meet the needs of our clients.


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