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Horizontal Fence: More privacy & security

A horizontal fence is built with pickets but the dog-ears are trimmed off and set horizontally. This fence style is becoming more and more popular in the modern day era. They provide a more stylish and secure look to your yard. Many people are choosing this style of fence for the many different ways to build it and different types of material available to use.

There are many different styles to take into consideration before constructing a horizontal fence each providing their own aesthetics to the horizontal style. There is a style of horizontal fence that gives a modern wood look with aluminum posts and frames for the strength of an aluminum fence. This style of horizontal fence is the most popular style used at homes and commercial business all around.

A horizontal fence just flat out looks amazing. With the pickets being framed in, there are no trim mistakes or butted boards showing. This provides a very complete a flush look to the fence. There is also a style of horizontal fence that comes with composite boards that slip in between two posts that come pre colored from the factory thus eliminating the long term maintenance involved with painting or staining real wood. Eliminating the paint/stain process with a composite fence is a great alternative to wood horizontal fence.

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