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Fence Styles: Options & Choices

Choosing the right fence style for your yard can be quite the task when there are so many different styles to choose from. The 5 main styles are wood privacy fence, chain link fence, aluminum fence, steel fence, and vinyl fence with the most common being wood privacy fence. Each one of those styles include different aesthetics, fittings, and adornments to customize your fence to your liking.

After a decision has been made on what particular style, the next step most people take is finding fence companies near them and calling to schedule estimates. It is vital to give the fence companies a vivid description of how you want your fence to look. Once an estimate is received you can then start to see the range of pricing for the particular style chosen. There is no standard rate for any of the styles of fence as the pricing varies from yard to yard as conditions change due to factors such as terrain, ground below your yard, and distance of desired fence.

Once estimates are received and compared then it is time to choose the company that best appeals to you. Most local fence companies usually offer lower pricing than out of town companies or larger companies due to them not having to factor in the travel time to your location. However the local fence company with the best price is not always going to deliver the best work.

Be sure to carefully analyze each individual estimate being considered. The rest will be up to you to decide which company best suits your project! Good Luck!

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