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Fence Maintenance: Why it's important to consider

Maintenance is something you should certainly consider when deciding which style of fence you'd like to have installed. Some styles cost less initially, then cost more over time. Some styles are the exact opposite - where they cost a larger sum upfront, however need little to no maintenance. Searching "Fence Company Near Me" and selecting the company who you feel like can provide the best style & longevity is key. Not all companies will be able to offer economic solutions, that can deliver a sturdy fence that will stand the test of time without you needing to constantly pour money into maintenance. Here at Blackmon Fence Company in Columbus, Ga, we genuinely try to bring economical solutions to the table.

Chain-link is an inexpensive, low-maintenance style of fencing that can be a great option. Chain-link fencing has medium-level installation costs, but require rarely any maintenance. Even better, there's different styles, privacies, colors, and designs with chain-link so you can find an affordable option without suffering aesthetically. There is standard galvanized, black vinyl, green, and even more for color options. As far as heights go, standard installations range from 4-6 ft. tall. Although, chain-link can be created to virtually any height.

Aluminum fencing is a low-maintenance form of fence that require little to no upkeep & also pleases visually. Aluminum fence is a very popular style when it comes to pool fences. Here in Georgia, there is code stating pools must be fenced in. Aluminum has moderately higher installation costs, but if installed properly, it should easily last the test of time with hardly, if any, maintenance.

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