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All about Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence is one of the best styles available in the south east region. Vinyl fence is usually PVC material which allows for the fence to be weather resistant and durable. It is a very low maintenance style of fence with a lot of customizability to it. Just a few styles of vinyl fence to choose from are privacy style, picket style, ranch style, and ornamental vinyl. Choosing a vinyl privacy fence over a wood privacy fence may be the difference in how soon you will have to repair that fence. Vinyl is a much stronger material than wood and will not crack or chip as easily. There is even a vinyl option that looks like realistic wood called vinyl wood grain that gives you that classic wood privacy look along with the vinyl strength against kids, pets, and the elements.

The price when it comes to vinyl fence compared to other styles is a little more upfront cost. But being that vinyl is a lot stronger of a material the fence will last longer which in return saves you on time, repairs, and money spent on those materials for repairs. The privacy style of vinyl fence offers customizability in case you have other projects going on inside the fence, it can be removable to fit large equipment or vehicles through the fence if the gate is not big enough. having a hand removable section is more convenient than having to pulls screws/nails and re attach a section of wood which will ultimately compromise the strength of the fence being that screws/nails do not go back into the wood the same as they did when the fence was constructed and the wood is now tampered with.

All in all vinyl fence is a great option for your yard and wont rot, chip, warp, or split. It also comes in a prefabricated color which eliminates having to get your fence stained or painted. The only expected maintenance should be rinsing your fence off with a water hose to remove dirt or grass caused by mowing, kids, or weather.

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