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6 Benefits of a Wood Fence

Updated: Feb 13

Why You Should Consider Wood Fence: Top 6 Benefits

Wood fencing remains a favored choice for its natural beauty and affordability, even though many different types of fencing materials exist. Wooden fences are easy to find, as well as easy to maintain. You can choose the right height, width, and color for your property. You can fix your fence by replacing a board and changing the look by painting or staining it. Why do wooden fences have such an excellent reputation? The following are five benefits why you should install a wooden fence.

1. Durable and affordable

The durability and affordability of wooden fences make them a good choice. As wood is a natural and abundant material, its price is relatively low compared to other materials such as wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl. It is possible to maintain a wood fence for decades and keep it looking its best if it is professionally installed and properly maintained.

2. Easy maintenance

Wooden fences do not require extra maintenance. Keeping your wood fence clean with soap and water is easy, and you can protect it from damage with paint, stain, or water repellent. It's also easy to replace individual boards if a wooden fence panel gets warped or damaged.

3. A wide range of options

There is a wide variety of wooden fences available. Various wood choices are available, including pine, spruce, cedar, cypress, and redwood that can be painted or stained to your preference. You could change the color yearly if you regularly repaint or stain your fence.

Moreover, wooden fences come in various styles, including board on board, split rail, picket, paddock, shadowbox, bar, and many others, and can be customized to fit your property's height and width. Wooden fencing complements almost any setting due to its versatility.

4. Environmentally friendly

Fencing made of wood is environmentally friendly. For eco-conscious people, wood is a good choice because it is a renewable resource. Additionally, many environmentally friendly treatments are available to prevent rot and pests on wooden fences.

5. Secure as well as appealing

You can increase your property value by installing a wooden fence. A wood fence provides privacy and security, both attractive to home buyers. What's more, wooden fences can keep your kids and pets safe and make your yard more enjoyable to use, which increases your property's value for you for as long as you live in the house.

6. High resale value

The classic and universally liked wooden fence adds privacy to your home and increases its curb appeal. When selling your home, you will have an advantage over your competition because wooden walls are attractive and defensive.

Final Words

It's hard to ignore the benefits of a wooden fence! However, with so many different styles of wooden fences to choose from, it cannot be easy to decide which one to build. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance!

Blackmon Fence Company is a leading fence & gate contractor in Columbus, Georgia. Our fence installation and repair services meet the needs of our clients.


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