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5 Tips To Maintain Your Fence

Updated: Feb 13

A fence is aesthetically pleasing and enhances your property's security and privacy. Well-maintained walls can improve the look of your residence. Consider getting a bar if you still need to get one. Even if your fence is already installed, you should know some helpful tips to keep it looking great.

Fences are constantly exposed to outdoor elements, so they are prone to damage, but you can take steps to prolong their lifespan. Below are some tips on maintaining and extending your fence's life.

1. Keep Its surroundings Clear.

Branches from overgrown trees and creeping plants can heavily damage your fence. Wind will rub the tree branches across the wall, causing scratches or chirping off the paint. A metallic fence infested with creeping plants may rust, while a wooden fence may rot. It would help if you kept your wall clear of plants and trees to prevent it from being damaged. Please ensure the tree branches and creeping shrubs on the ground don't damage your fence by trimming them.

2. Seal your fence with a sealant

Keeping your fence in top shape for years to come is easy with a superficial layer of sealant, especially if you have a wooden fence. Applying a sealant coat will protect the wall from environmental damage. By sealing your border, you will ensure that it remains in great shape for many years.

3. Paint your Fence

Applying a coat of paint every year is another way to protect your fence. Similar to wood sealants, color serves a similar purpose. You can paint if you want to prevent your wooden or metal fences from rotting or rusting. This way, they can stay in top shape well into their golden years.

4. Use treated timber

A treated pine timber fence is the best option if you're looking for a durable fencing option resistant to insects, rot, fungi, the weather and water. Treated pine fences are more durable and require less maintenance, so treating them is an excellent long-term investment.

5. Inspect wooden fences for knot holes

The most beautiful fences are made of wood but are also the most prone to damage. As the temperature changes, wood expands and contracts. These expansions and contractions can cause knot holes in wood to form. Dust and debris can settle in these knot holes, creating the perfect home for insects. Hence, inspecting your wooden fences for knot holes every few months is one of the best fence maintenance tips.

Final Word

Maintaining your fence and keeping it in top condition will be easier if you follow the fence maintenance tips closely. Additionally, they can save you money on expensive fence repairs or replacements. Only trust reliable fence professionals with your fences. Cheap fences are likely to last less long than good-quality fences.

If you still have questions about fencing maintenance, please feel free to contact us! Blackmon Fence Company is a leading fence & gate contractor in Columbus, Georgia. Our fence installation and repair services meet the needs of our clients.


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