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Chain-Link Fence
Columbus, Ga

Most Popular Styles


Chain-Link fences are a very common option. They can be great options for animals, kids, and neighbors.


Installation pricing for chain-link fencing is fairly economical. It's not the most expensive nor the cheapest option, leaving it to be a great middle ground option!


Chain-link fencing is extremely durable with nearly no maintenance. If properly installed, it should not need to be touched for 10+ years.


Maintenance is a bare minimum with chain-link fencing. You will not need much, if any, maintenance for the longevity of your fence.

Paint / Stain

Paint & stain is not needed for chain-link fencing. Both galvanized steel and black vinyl are made to withstand the elements.


Styles are available in black vinyl & galvanized steel in many heights. Typical residential heights are 4' , 5' , and 6' tall but can range to any height.

Halie Fonde,

Columbus, Ga

“We needed a fence built for our new home and they did an awesome job! Truly pleased with the whole experience!"

Jeff Soroz,

Columbus, Ga

"These guys did a fantastic job on our privacy fence! Would highly recommend & will certainly hire them again in the future!"

Adam Sheffer,

Phenix City, Al

“I had these guys come out and fix the damage another fence company caused. Great experience overall!”


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